Making An Impact

Being a teenager is a lot of fun, but it’s not always easy. Young Life believes that kids benefit from the influence of caring adults. That’s why spending time with teenagers and earning their trust is at the heart of what Young Life leaders have been doing since 1941.
Through these friendships and a lot of fun, Young Life leaders share God’s love with teenagers, especially with those who are not interested in church. We believe that young people deserve to know that their lives have purpose and significance.
Across the country and around the world, Young Life groups also hold a variety of events for any middle or high school student who wants to attend. Club and Campaigners are welcoming and safe environments where kids can enjoy being with their friends and Young Life leaders.
One of the highlights of the Young Life experience is a week at a summer camp where kids experience an unforgettable week of adventure, fun and surprises. Whatever the setting, every Young Life gathering or event is intended to give kids the chance to experience God's love and to consider the relevance of Jesus Christ for their lives.
The Role of a YL Leader Volunteer leaders are the backbone of the Young Life mission. Clark County volunteer leaders are committed to encouraging, listening to, and being a support to their teenage friends. Leaders provide an environment where kids know they are loved, by spending time with them at school activities and meeting them where they live, modeling trust, respect, and responsibility.

A Story About Making a Difference:

Young Life is making a difference in kids' lives. Here's an example of how Young Life is reaching kids:
"A high school student went to a workshop earlier this year at our campaigner/ discipleship camp on "dealing with your family". At camp she decided she was going to really try and get along with her family.  This past weekend her mom dropped her off for work crew weekend, which is for high schoolers who want to volunteer a month of their summer working at a YL summer camp. While the daughter was in the car, her mom pulled aside the YL leader to tell her "that was the best $59 she had ever spent" (sending her daughter to campaigner camp).  She said that their relationship had gotten so much better after this camp, and was glad she had let her go.  It is great to see how Christ transforms lives of kids and their families."  - Clark County YL leader

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